Twitch Tests a Feature That Lets Viewers Pay to Promote Their Favorite Streamers

Recently Twitch announced a new safety tool to help streamers against the hate raids, and just days after the announcement of this incredible feature there are rumors going that Twitch is trying a new feature that’ll allow viewers to pay to promote someone’s stream, at first this was only a rumor but recently Twitch spokesperson confirmed it to be true and also went into the details on how its gonna work.

In an interview to The Verge, Twitch’s spokesperson said that at first, it’ll only be available to a few growing streamers as an experiment, allowing them to enable their communities to purchase promotions to highly visible parts of Twitch. How it’s gonna work is that during a stream a pop-up notification will appear for 10 minutes allowing viewers to know that the boost option is available. These pop-up notifications will be random and it’ll allow viewers to pay for the number of recommendations. And there will be 2 options available 1,000 recommendations for .99 cents and 3,000 recommendations for $2.97.

This is one of the features that was much needed and was asked by many people in the community. And a feature similar to this is already in the function that allows viewers to earn channel points by continuously watching streams and participating in other in-stream activities and later these channel points can be used to promote a creator throughout the platform.

Jacob Rosok, Twitch product manager said that this new feature is what was necessary and will allow streamers more opportunities to be promoted and these promotions will be impactful. The more money viewers will spend to buy recommendations will help creators get more front-page exposure.

At the time with how Twitch as a platform is growing and how people are choosing streaming as their career this new feature will definitely help new and old streamers the attention they deserve. With how the algorithm of the Twitch works currently it’s hard for new streamers to get in the recommendation section and usually same top streamers are ended up being suggested by the platform at the front page. If you’re struggling new streamer I suggest you to check out, they have published a comprehensive guide on getting more viewers.